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Λογιστικό - Φοροτεχνικό γραφείοMichail Karayiannidis founded in 1989 the Accounting - Tax Consulting office, which runs until today, with the excellent cooperation of his six business partners and external associates. He is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece with permission to sign balance sheet of any sum (N. 03 98 9 00073).

Our partners, all graduates of economic schools, professionally distinguished have earned the respect and trust of our customers. It is no coincidence that the largest companies in Europe are our customers. Infotax Accountings’ network consists of lawyers qualified to the European Courts, Custom agents and Real Estate Brokers, who can respond and provide any information and business services required by businessmen and investors. We are next to you for every aggressive investment move providing solutions, as far as it concerns taxation, financing and logistics.

You can find us in Greece, in Thessaloniki at 62 Mantinias Str ., closely to Konstantinos Karamanlis Ave. and in Athens at the Athens Tower, 2-4 Mesogeion Ave., 21st floor. Infotax Accountings collaborates with Infotax Bulgaria LTD, which is based in Petrits Bulgaria,(Boulgaryia 2 - Petrits).

Our fully qualified staff allow us to respond in time and by any means of media(e-mail, fax, etc.) servicing everyone around the world, who has a transaction with the Greek public sector.

A few words about Michael Karayiannidis.

Μιχάλης ΚαραγιαννίδηςHe was born in 1965. He studied Economics while he worked in accounting offices oflarge firms such as Technical Olympic SA, Athanasiadis SA, Bezas SA. He graduated from the Department of Accounting, Administration and Economics. He holds an MBA in Business Administration from Rochville University of Texas.Karayiannidis Michail is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece, and qualified to handle and sign balance sheet of any Company.

He represents Greece at World Union Tax Consultants IVA, (www.iva-online.org/),as well as Directorate of VAT and of tax-oriented multinational companies intrans actions with Greece.
He is a member of VAT FORUM, an inter-European organization of tax consultants.
Member of  Greek-British & Greek-Bulgarian Chamber.

Indicative customers:
 Infotax | Tax Accountant office
 Thessaloniki,  62 Mantinias street ,   Postal code: 54 248,   Tel/Fax: 2310 840 030,   E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Athens,   2-4 Mesogion street, 21th floor,   Postal code: 11 527,   Tel: 211 7707701,    E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Bulgaria,   Petrich, Tsar Boris III 11,   Postal code: 2850,   Tel: 00359 892477633,    E-mail: bulgaria@infotax.gr
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