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Infotax Accountings and our associated stores are responsible for administering tax free tax returns for purchases of visitors to Greece who reside outside the European Union.Infotax Accountings is responsible for collecting all tax free documents, corresponding with buyers who reside outside the European Union and returning VAT to the beneficiaries’ IBAN accounts.ING Piraeus bank guarantees not only the safety of transactions but also same day deposit.We are specialized in Tax free handling  for  cruises ships across Greece.

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 Infotax | Tax Accountant office
 Thessaloniki,  62 Mantinias street ,   Postal code: 54 248,   Tel/Fax: 2310 840 030,   E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Athens,   2-4 Mesogion street, 21th floor,   Postal code: 11 527,   Tel: 211 7707701,    E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Bulgaria,   Petrich, Tsar Boris III 11,   Postal code: 2850,   Tel: 00359 892477633,    E-mail: bulgaria@infotax.gr
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