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Infotax - Petritsi BoulgariaInfotax Accountings cooperates with a network of 150 associates throughout Europe, assisting with finding the property, establishing the firm, accounting and consulting, not only in Europe, but also in the USA, South Africa and the Russian Federation.
Infotax Accountings through our affiliate offices in Sofia and Petrich "Infotax Accountings Ltd" can find a property for your business, set up the company, which can vary from SOLE to Crowded Ltd. (ООД) *. We also assume finding property for house registration as a permanent resident, granting permanent identity resident and transfer cars in Bulgaria, as well as opening accounts and Internet Banking in PIRAEUS BANK BULGARIA or in any other bank of your choice.
Our network in Bulgaria counts over 20 partners both in Sofia and Petrich, and it can be provided to you simply with one signature from you.
As it concerns the cost and time required, contact us for a briefing meeting.Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.
* The establishment of a company in the Republic of Bulgaria is being runned by our affiliate office Infotax Accountings LTD, located in Petrich and the concerned require to declare that all sales will be made by Bulgaria and that the transaction is not contrary to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, Hellenic Republic or the European Union.
Indicative customers:
 Infotax | Tax Accountant office
 Thessaloniki,  62 Mantinias street ,   Postal code: 54 248,   Tel/Fax: 2310 840 030,   E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Athens,   2-4 Mesogion street, 21th floor,   Postal code: 11 527,   Tel: 211 7707701,    E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Bulgaria,   Petrich, Tsar Boris III 11,   Postal code: 2850,   Tel: 00359 892477633,    E-mail: bulgaria@infotax.gr
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