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Infotax Accounting Services can take care your Vat registration to any member state across Europe from the moment of Vat registration to the moment of Vat de activation after the end of the event
Our great experience can solve any inquery that you may face in any kind of event organizing.
Indicative customers:
 Infotax | Tax Accountant office
 Thessaloniki,  62 Mantinias street ,   Postal code: 54 248,   Tel/Fax: 2310 840 030,   E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Athens,   2-4 Mesogion street, 21th floor,   Postal code: 11 527,   Tel: 211 7707701,    E-mail: main@infotax.gr
 Bulgaria,   Petrich, Tsar Boris III 11,   Postal code: 2850,   Tel: 00359 892477633,    E-mail: bulgaria@infotax.gr
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